Covid Testing

We offer individual (clients & patients) and group (corporate & event) rapid COVID-19 testing.


What is a rapid test?  This test detects protein fragments specific to the Coronavirus.  

Who should get a rapid test?  Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.  Anyone exposed to COVID-19: test 5-7 days after the exposure if NO symptoms.  

Are rapid tests accurate? In those who don’t have symptoms, the false negative rate – negative test, but you do have the virus – can be as high as 50%.  

The false positive rate – positive test, but you do not have the virus – is very low. If you test positive on a rapid test, you likely have the virus. 

How We Do It

Specimens are collected using a nasal swab, results are read within the specified time frame for the testing device, documentation of test result provided upon request.
When in doubt, GET TESTED!