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Wellness Practices

Let us help you maximize your chances of reaching your health & wellness goals and achieve inner peace.


Guided meditations can be a useful tool for people to manage stress, anxiety, depression and to increase mindfulness. Meditation is a powerful way to transform outlook, practice gratitude, and to be content in the present moment.

man practicing meditation for wellness


Reiki is a technique that induces the relaxation response. It can be helpful for people who are working through anxiety, pain, nausea, and many other symptoms. Clients can be either sitting or lying down, and the practitioner can use either light touch or no touch during the session.


Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that includes movement, breath, and mindfulness. Participants will be guided through a series of postures and breathwork, with special attention paid to necessary accommodations. Classes will seek to balance mind/body/spirit and are open to all levels of students.​


Looking to make a change or establish new, healthier habits? A health coach is a great support system to help you set goals, create a plan, and achieve success. Visits can help clients meet healthcare goals that come up during medical visits, and will focus on small, achievable steps to create a sustainable change. Initial intake visits will inform the coach of your background and goals. Shorter follow ups will include a check in on progress and adjustment of goals or plans as needed.​


Aromatherapy is the practice of using concentrated plant botanical to support a myriad of symptoms, including headache, nausea, anxiety, mild infections and more. It can be used as an adjunct treatment, in consultation with your medical provider. During an initial visit, the aromatherapist will take a detailed intake including allergies, sensitivities, symptoms, and pertinent history. She will then, in conjunction with the client, create a personalized plan to best support the client’s needs. Products can be picked up on site, and a short follow-up appointment the next week will inform if the care plan needs adjustments. ​

How We Do It

Virtual individual and group (Reiki & Yoga) sessions in the comfort of your own home. These services are private pay, and we offer very affordable rates.


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